Ich habe Probleme mit dem Sound

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Having trouble activating your microphone or having sound problems in general?

First of all, we recommend using a recent and compatible browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


You are using Google Chrome

In this browser, you can check the activation of your microphone by clicking on the padlock on the left of the address bar.


You can access these choices:



This way, you can authorize our platform to use your microphone.


You are using Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, you will find the settings button to the left of the address bar:



By clicking on this button, you can authorize our platform to use the microphone:



You are using a laptop

To open the microphone settings in Windows, you can click on the sound icon in the taskbar:



Then select the sound settings menu:



In the new window you will find the category "Input". In this category, check that your microphone is selected:


If the problem persists, you can click on the "Troubleshoot" button.


You are using our Visiotalent app

The Visiotalent mobile app will ask for permission to use your microphone when you try to start the training or pre-interview:


All you have to do is authorize access to the microphone and you can record your pre-interview.

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