What is On-Demand video interviewing by Visiotalent?

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Have you applied for a job a few days, hours or minutes ago and just received an email inviting you to record yourself on video? Good news, you have most likely reached a new stage in the recruitment process.


The recruitment team of the company you have applied to would like to know more about you and would like to ask you a few questions which you should answer on video.

This exercise will allow you to tell them more about yourself and your motivations in addition to your CV. 


In concrete terms, how does it work?

You have received an invitation to register in your mailbox. This e-mail contains your access code as a candidate.


You have 2 options:

- Use your computer by clicking on "I register" at the bottom of the invitation email

- Download the "Visiotalent" application from your smartphone or tablet and insert your access code (present at the bottom of the invitation email)


Once you are logged in, all you have to do is let yourself be guided and take advantage of our training module to familiarise yourself with the platform.


As you will see, everything is very simple. 

Once you have practised, you will need to register in earnest.

The recruiter has prepared a few questions, different from the practice questions, so ... it's your turn!

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