I'm having camera issues

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Having trouble activating your camera?

First of all, we recommend using a recent and compatible browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 

In Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, you can check that the camera is activated by clicking on the padlock on the left of the address bar.




By clicking on this lock, you can check that our site is allowed to use your webcam.




In Mozilla Firefox

If Mozilla Firefox does not automatically ask for permission to activate your webcam, you can find these options on the left of the address bar.




In this menu you can allow access to your webcam.




In your computer settings

If the problem persists, check that your webcam is accessible in Windows.
In the Start Menu, type "camera" and then click on the "Camera Privacy Settings" menu.




Now check that access to the camera is enabled:



If the camera is not enabled, use the Edit button to unlock access.

Below this section, check also that the applications can access the webcam:




In the Visiotalent mobile application

The Visiotalent mobile app will ask you for permission to use your camera when you try to start the training or pre-interview.




All you have to do is click on "Allow".


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